We Powered Up On November 22, 2004 And Have Been Shocking The World Ever Since!

Since we opened our doors in 2004 we have…..

Increased the literacy skills of approximately two hundred forty-five (245) African-American males, four (4) Caucasian males, and one (1) Latino; shaping their work ethic and empowering their minds.

Provided (2,372) hours of computer based instruction through the Cycles/Learning

100 and Read On software programs for over (34,538) hours of literacy skills training.

To date…

Twenty-two (22) participants have received their G.E.D.
Ten (10) High School Diploma
Two (2) High School Certificates of Completion
Eight (8) enrolled in college
Two (2) enlisted in Armed Forces
Thirty-six (36) have gained motivations to attend, or are presently attending, Lancaster/Chester County Adult Education and have contributed 2,628 hours toward Adult Education.

Each dropout costs the state of South Carolina $3,228 per year in lost tax revenue and increased Medicaid and incarceration costs, every year for the rest of his or her life (Gottlob, 2007).  By this measure, the Powerhouse has saved the State of South Carolina $4,854,912 in potential lost tax revenue.